Friday, September 21, 2012

Washington University Orthopedics Peterson Hand Center

The Washington University Peterson Hand Center was featured on the cover of Ladue News today (September 21, 2012).

With a number of talented hand and wrist specialists coalescing at Washington University Orthopedics, forming the Peterson Hand Center was an obvious next step. “We really do have a group that offers one-stop shopping,” says co-chief of service Dr. Martin Boyer. “There’s really nothing in the hand, wrist and upper extremities that we don’t do: everything from carpal tunnel release to transplantation of bone and microsurgery to restore circulation, and also transplantation of toes to restore hand function. The patient can be fairly certain that whatever their hand or wrist problem, we have the expertise.”

That expertise is important to patients, whether they’re suffering from a common ailment like carpal tunnel, or from something rarer such as a child born with birth abnormalities, adds co-chief of service Dr. Charles Goldfarb. “This is what we do; we don’t dabble in hand surgery. We have committed our professional lives to patient care and enhancing the field of hand surgery, working with the science and moving it forward.”
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