Monday, March 18, 2013

Center for Adolescent & Young Adult Hip Disorders

Meet Our Physicians
Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Disorders Team (from left): Ryan Nunley, MD; Heidi Prather, DO; Mark Halstead, MD; John Clohisy, MD; Perry Schoenecker, MD; Devyani Hunt, MD; Robert Barrack, MD; J. Eric Gordon, MD. NOT PICTURED: James Keeney, MD

Young adult hip disorders are one of the most rapidly advancing subspecialties in orthopedics. Washington University Orthopedics offers the Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Disorders, which focuses exclusively on providing comprehensive and specialized care to adolescents and young adults with hip disorders, and is committed to seeing each patient expeditiously.

Center director John Clohisy, MD, and Perry Schoenecker, MD, work in conjunction with the pediatric orthopedic service, physiatrists, adult reconstructive surgeons, physical therapists and a dedicated staff of nurses and medical assistants to form an extremely experienced team with the expertise to accurately diagnose and deliver the full spectrum of both non-surgical and surgical solutions. Commonly, these young patients are athletes and we are fully committed to returning them to their sport and recreational activities.

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  1. This young adult hip replacement disorder is common these day and hip replacement surgery is proper solution to this problem