Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FAQ about Sports Medicine

Are there any excercises that can be done to reduce the risk of a knee injury (especially the ACL)?ACL injury prevention programs are currently being studied. It appears that prevention programs can decrease the risk of injury by 50% or more. Currently there is no consensus on the best exercises to perform, but it appears 10 minutes of neuromuscular training at least 3 times a week will decrease injury risk. Further research is necessary to determine the exact amount and type of exercise that is most effective.

Can you do anything to help relieve the pain from a puck bruise?Pain from a puck bruise is best treated by ice, decreased activity and elevation to decrease swelling. The player can return to play as weight bearing and skating pain allows. Depending on the severity of the bone bruise from a puck injury, it can last from a matter of just a few days to two to three weeks.

What is the most common sports-related injury in hockey and what can be done to reduce this injury?
One of the most common injuries is groin adductor strains. These are common in forwards, defensemen and goalies. They cannot be completely prevented, but it helps to avoid them with proper warm up and stretching. Maintaining good quadriceps, hamstring, adductor and hip abductor strength balance is also beneficial.

What is the difference between and ACL and MCL?
The ACL and the MCL are two ligaments of the knee. The MCL is the medial collateral ligament and it resides on the inside of the knee and gives side-to-side stability during knee function. It is frequently torn in athletic activities especially contact injuries where a blow to the outside of the knee can cause a tear of the medial collateral ligament. It heals without surgery and typically requires only bracing and therapy to allow return to play once it is healed.

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament resides in the middle of the knee and gives stability during cutting, twisting, jumping and change of direction activities. It can be torn in a contact or non-contact situation and once it is torn, it does not heal. For patients that desire to return to their previous activities that may have required an ACL, they must undergo surgery to replace the ACL which we call an ACL reconstruction. This typically involves replacing the ACL with part of a hamstring tendon or part of a patellar tendon. After a six month rehabilitation and recovery, you can return to your sporting activities.

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