Thursday, July 19, 2012

Telling the Difference between an Ankle Sprain and an Ankle Break

Steps to differentiating between a sprain and a break:
1. First, ask the injured person how they became injured. If a cracking noise was involved, this is most likely the sign of a break. However, a tearing or poping noise is more likely to be a sprain.
2. Next, look at the joint. If there is swelling and if the joint looks crooked or lumpy, this could signal a break.
3. Ask if the person has numbness, as this is a sign of a break.
4. Inquire about the severity of the pain. Severe pain is more closely associated with a break whereas discomfort is more associated with a sprain.
5. Then, have the person move the joint. If the ankle is extremely painful, but is still able to move, this is most likely a sprain. However, if the ankle cannot move at all, it is a break.
6. Try applying weight to the joint. If you cannot apply any weight, the ankle is broken.
7. Finally, have the ankle x-rayed by a doctor to double check that you do not have any fractures in bones in the the foot.


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